Essay on Freedom and Constraints in Social Media

Essay on Freedom and Constraints in Social Media

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Free Speech through Anonymous
A new age has developed and society is altering to adapt to new forms of technological communication. Through the use of the vast Internet through the use of social networking, image boards, blog sites and news media, society is altering in a way never seen before. Over the past couple of decades, the use of the Internet has expanded and grown exponentially as new technology develops. Since the introduction of social networking as well as alternative news media sites, the way people interact and communicate has altered. New ideas and discussions have been created. With all of this freedom granted with easy access, society might take advantage of the ability to speak freely as an anonymous source. The personal obsession with imagery is lost because the users of the Internet are judging based on a screen name and nothing more. The ability to have an alternate persona allows users a freedom of speech and thought never granted before and can be erased and created with only a few clicks. We see that true opinion and reasoning among society varies on the anonymity of the commenter, where as one is more likely to be more holistic and honest if their imagery isn’t entirely threatened by the judgment of their peers, but because of many networking sites, individualism is lost; specifically, society’s lack of expression of true free thought and in reality because of social constraints.
Throughout history, we have proven time after time, that society has a natural inclination towards image obsessiveness and in more recent years seems to have become a greater factor in our everyday lives. We are constantly altering our persona as well as our physical features including what products we purchase. What is s...

... middle of paper ...

... the concern of social limitations aren’t entirely present. Twitter provokes ignoring social standards and previous obsession with image in order to allow for greater ideological development, without going becoming too extraneous.
Because 4chan and other anonymous sources can be deemed as sites that follow a more severe and extremist pattern that results in more primitive thought because of the lack of restraints. We can safely assume that since Facebook elaborated on the creation of social standards and an ascension of insecurity of personal image, follows the Freudian model and can be seen as the SUPEREGO because of restriction of sexual desires and focus on the entire betterment of image without showing free thinking or opposition to society. Thus leaving twitter, properly under the principle of EGO, to have decisions between social image and free thought.

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