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Free Will And Power Play Essay

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In our society we often hear that we have ultimate control over what happens to us. As humans we can choose the way we want to present ourselves to the world and the choices that we want to make regarding our lives. Our control comes from our free will, which allows us to do as we please. It seems unlikely to me that we have complete power over what occurs in our life, for instance we often see people suffering and usually they did not choose to suffer. I agree with Locke’s view on free will and how liberty and power play a role in the concept.
Free will is the concept that as human beings we can make personal choices that are not determined by physical or divine forces. Locke liked the idea of freedom and liberty, but he did not agree with referring to the will itself as free. Locke believed that a man is free and his will is his determination. Will is the same thing as wanting or wishing to do something. Free refers to the person, and not the will which is determined by the mind, and in turn determines the action. Locke explains the concept mentioned previously when he states, “I think he will as plainly perceive that liberty, which is but a power, belongs only to agents, and cannot be an attribute or modification of the will which is also but a power” (John Locke 201.) A person is free to act as they want and what they are willing to do is their determination and power. A man creates his power to act by putting motion in his body, by choosing or preferring to take action. If you are just willing (volition) to do something that does not mean that you will complete the action.
If a person is willing to take action then they have the liberty to do so. For example a person can choose to speak up for himself, or they can cho...

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...they are. In a previous philosophy class I learned that everyone has an end goal of happiness, therefore we choose to act in ways that can lead to happiness. I also learned that if we make the wrong choices, it is usually due to the fact that we do not have a vision of the future, and we do not know the full effect of our choices. With that being said a person usually would not choose to suffer.
Madeleine Albright once said, “What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.” In theory, it seems great to be able to make all the choices that we see fit in our daily life, but life does not work out that way. There are more factors that play into life, then just our will to complete a task, that is why I believe that we have limited free will. John Locke extensively discussed free will, and how liberty and power play a large role in that concept.

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