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Throughout my life I have made some decisions and choices that I considered free. What is free choice? Free choice is being able to differentiate right from wrong and make a decision from the two. My theory is if someone is doing something no one forces or commands them to do therefore that person is acting freely. An example is the way that someone chooses to dress or the kind of music someone decides to listen to. What I did not consider in this theory is the fact that even though there is nobody pointing an arm commanding you to do certain things, however there are other factors that may affect the choices we make. Philosophers of different periods have discussed the subject of free will; some of them believe that free will does not exist, they believe that there is a cause for everything. Others believe that as human beings we have the freedom of choice therefore free will exist, and there is another group of philosophers who consider the situation in which one is meaning in some case we do have free will and in other we don’t. Base on the important decisions I made in my life, I can share my reflection on the subject.
The first example is after finishing high school I decided to go to college to pursue my career goals. Although most people would consider it a normal thing to do, for me it was a big decision to make. For the first time in my life I was the one who had to decide whether I should go to college or do something else with my life. My choice was to go to continue my education by going to college and I consider this decision as free because nobody forced me to do so. After reflecting on the subject before and after reading some articles on free will, I realize that it was not really a free will decisio...

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...k 4 or 5 days a week, my decision is always based on the strongest motive. When I am on break/vacation from school I work five days a week, in this situation the strongest motive is I will make more money if I work 5 days rather than 4 days. When I have school I work 4 days, in that case the strongest motive is that if I work 4 days I will have more time to study. Even though nobody force me to choose to work 4 or 5 days, I cannot say that I acted freely because there was causes. I decide to work 4 or 5 days base on school which means I am not acting freely.
In conclusion, I do not believe that we have free will. Everything we do, every decision we make is caused. We make decisions that will benefit us. If we me the wrong decisions in life we pay for the consequences. Everything we see, our experience, a past memory affect greatly our decisions in life.

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