Free Will And Determinism Being True Essay

Free Will And Determinism Being True Essay

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1) Free will and Determinism being true.
Philosophers have pondered over the subject of free will for decades and there still hasn’t been a definite answer to the question of free will. What does free will truly mean? Is it just a figure of our imagination? Or is it something that has been around since the creation of men? These are only a small fraction of questions the topic of free will arises. Free will can be broken down into smaller and fewer overcomplicated categories. A normal person like you has free will if our universe revolves around the fact of determinism, if you believe this theory, then you’d be considered a compatibilist. Compatibilism allows us to hold people responsible for their actions. You believe that the reason why you have free will is because when something that happens to you is determined by the decisions you made before that event.
That’s one of the underlined surface concepts, another one is hard determinism, which believes that if determinism is true then that means you don’t have free will. Contract to hard determinism is soft determinism, which means that both free will and determinism can be true. Let’s take a moment and break this concept down too; if determinism were NOT true then our actions would be random and not due to our own characteristic and desired values and, therefore, is not due to free will. Example, if a person were to rob a New York bank in broad daylight and get caught, were your actions do to determinism or just caused by a random action? A hard determinist would argue that he had no control of his actions because he does not have free will. So does that mean that the bank robber is free to go on all counts because he didn’t have a choice? That would not be an acceptable ans...

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... the future are the results of your previous experiences? Yes. Strawson would argue heavy that Robert Harris was not acting on free will and the reasons for his actions are because of how he was raised and he should be punished with a death penalty. I also believe Strawson’s argument because I don’t think it would be morally correct to punish someone that has done something so heartless and put him to death. Robert grew up in a very painful environment and I don’t think killing him would solve anything for anyone. Do I believe he should be punished? Of course, he should be but not with death. A life for a life? Do we live in such a backward society that we think it is acceptable to kill someone because of they were not in the right mental state of mind? I don’t think so. Robert Harris should be punished and treated for his sickness, it’s only the right thing to do.

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