Free Will And Destiny, By Muhammad Iqbal Essay

Free Will And Destiny, By Muhammad Iqbal Essay

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“With free will and destiny, we are but living revolutionary clay,” Muhammad Iqbal said this when he was asked about what he thought of destiny. People view the topics of free will and destiny as two opposing forces that could never intertwine; contrary to this idea, these things are two sides of the same coin. Having a destiny allows people to have hope that they are meant to do something great with their lives, and free will allows people the belief that they control their own future. Both of these concepts allow people to feel hope about the future, which at the end of the day is all someone wants to feel. All people are destined to have their own version of a happy ending; however, it is their job to make the right choices to get there.
Destiny is the belief that our actions happen in order for a future event to transpire. Therefore, many people equate the thought of destiny with religion. Many religions, such as Christianity and Islam believe that the ultimate creator of the universe has created each of our individual paths. “O Lord, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; and all of us are the work of Your hand,” (Isaiah). In this case, God created us in order for people to carry out the events needed for his ultimate plan to transpire. With this said, destiny can encompass many things aside from religion, because it is the purpose behind the actions that lead to the desired reaction. In simpler terms, a person could be meant to find a cure for cancer, but something has to get the ball rolling. Maybe this person has lost a loved one due to the illness, maybe they had it themselves, or maybe it was just an interest in their life. Because of this traumatic event, this person may become interested in contribu...

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...fe, one must be both effected by destiny and free will.
The concepts of destiny and free will may seem like two contradicting concepts. However, when one examines any situation, they can see that both affected an event. Religions also have conflicting ideals when it comes to these concepts. Some believe that a divine plan is in action, while others believe that it is a simple goal of humanity to tend to the earth. Just as with any concept, one cannot exist without the other. There is nowhere that exists only in light or darkness; they need each other to balance out. Destiny needs free will to give it purpose and meaning. At the same time, free will needs destiny to give it a push in the right direction. In the end, when one contemplates their future what they see is a ball of clay; it was given to them for a purpose, but it is their choice what they sculpt from it.

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