Essay about Free Trade : A Controversial Issue

Essay about Free Trade : A Controversial Issue

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Trading internationally, along with foreign trading policies has always been a controversial issue in America. Free trade is just as taboo if not more so. Today, the United States has made an attempt to maintain an open market of trading. Free trading greatly benefits a nation’s economy. The history of trade in The United States dates back over half a century ago. Through a substantial part of history, the United States had implemented rather extensive barriers and restrictions regarding importation, in order to better protect domestic suppliers from any serious foreign rivalry. Regardless, of Government restrictions and barriers set in place to avoid foreign competition it is healthy for our nation to have motivation and have the desire to produce to best possible products for importation.

Countries that are involved in international trade typically include various policy agreements. These countries should consider embracing free trade in order to fully benefit in many areas for their economy. There are several pros and cons to consider regarding free trade. Free trade fully removes any hassles of taxes and other government restrictions that limit international trading opportunities. Free trade vastly improves upon the economic wellbeing of all nations involved in international trading. Since free trade also allows each nation involved to specialize and create specific commodities, free trade can run efficiently and inexpensively compared to other complicated policies.

Early American Trade Policies clearly reflect what significant support the government needs to give to manufactures when it comes to trade. Early U.S. trade policies originated witin our nation, including Alexander Hamilton 's report on manufactures in the y...

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In the future, I believe that free trade will become a method to rebuild America." Free trade is an essential pillar of U.S. economic power and prosperity." Overall, free trade encourages America 's labor force to improve exponentially because currently other countries produce better products at lower cost. "Specialization leads to competition and innovation, providing new technologies that allow Americans to produce more goods and services, cure more diseases, pollute less, get better education, and choose from a wider range of investment options." America 's economy will be able to grow with free trade; American 's have grown a custom to a much higher standard of living. Free trade would allow citizens to and gain a greater appreciation of the privileges of living in America. Free trade policies that protect American made products will help rebuild America.

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