Free Trade : A Controversial Global Issue Essay

Free Trade : A Controversial Global Issue Essay

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The environmental issue is a controversial global issue, many economists believe that free trade can benefit all parties. Free trade is an important factor in the economy to help it grow. There are some economist that believes that free trade leads to environmental degradation by lowering the quality of production, leading to pollution and waste of natural resources. Proponents of trade liberalization argue that free trade actually increases the quality of the environment and help the environment through policies to preserve the environment.
Free trade is the purchase and sell of goods and services between countries without any restriction like tariffs, duties or quotas. In 1948 began the liberalization process of lowering tariffs and non-tariff barriers, as a result, national economies became more integrate with one another. Free trade encourages countries to specialize in production of goods and services, in which they have a comparative advantage to other countries. According to the World Bank reports that openness to trade, the ratio of a country’s trade (exports plus imports) to its gross domestic product (GDP) has more than doubled on average since 1950. Consequently with free trade countries experience economic growth. Also benefits business because disables firms to become a monopoly. Free trade does not only help the economy grow, but also could help the environment.
Some economist believes that free trade leads to environmental degradation because this requires an increase in the volume of global production. Therefore, this lead to a higher exploitation of the natural resources, the loss of coastal lands and the destruction of forest and higher levels of carbon emissions in the production process. Also transporting ...

... middle of paper ... that can be used to progress the situation of the poor while also helping the environment simultaneously. Lastly, free trade facilitates the wide distribution of greener technology, which reduces market failures, which leads to disorganized distribution of resources.

In conclusion, free trade help the economy grow and the environment. Using the right policies, like the multilateral trade, which has as an objective bringing benefit to the environment. Also the World Trade Organization might require measures to reduce impacts when the trade reform is likely to hurt the environment. For instance, an agreement is expected to increase trade in wood products that brings degradation to the environment, the WTO might require countries to plant new trees. In the future if the WTO implements more policies this later can turn into a movement for a cleaner environment.

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