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Free public college education is college education funded by charitable organizations and tax payer’s money as opposed to payment of tuition fee. In the United States of America college education is controlled by the states and they some are offering free public college while others are not. America has been in the debate of whether to make college education free in all the States or let it remain as it is currently whereby students fund themselves or get loans from the government to pay for tuition. It has been a tag of war between the pros and the cons each side stating their arguments and reasons for their stand. The pros argument that the government is not ready with the economic status is valid as it is evident that the country is going under tight budgets and there are worries on the status in the future. Giving examples of Washington and the history of free public college which have come to an end due to funds issues strengthens their argument. On the other hand the pros argument that the money is there and proves it by giving statistics of money being raised for example the tax for higher education makes their argument valid. They say that the money if well spent it could be even more than enough for funding four year college and community colleges. It is hard to determine which side is right and which is wrong as their arguments are valid.
College administrators say that there are consequences for making college education free that mostly affect the college. Their argument is that students from low income families will affect the ranking of colleges on graduation rate. They say these students are not qualified to take these positions in the college as they don’t have the qualities required and their making th...

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...ion is a bridge connecting the two classes of people and helping citizens achieve their dreams.
In conclusion I would say it’s difficult for one to decide which side to take as the arguments are valid and meaningful. Free college education would be a good choice but the cons show that the country is not ready for that as it would fail like the historical one. The two sides fight to keep the economy still but they are doing it differently. Issues like graduation rates and ranking of the universities is the main worry for the cons of free college education while miss allocation of funds and equality through education is the argument of the pros. It is difficult to decide which one would take from the arguments. The fate of college education should therefore be well thought of and scrutinized making the decision made worth and without future implications.

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