Essay about The Free Or Land Of Greed

Essay about The Free Or Land Of Greed

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Land of the Free or Land of Greed

Citizens are sold on the idea that criminals must be keep off the streets that the punishment must be harsh regardless of the crime, that three strikes and they are out. The justice system does not seem to focus on rehabilitation, rather in the punishment. The public constantly listens to slogans such as “protect our children”, “protect your rights”, and the public recognizes that maybe some of this laws, yet some of the harshest penalties have an ulterior motive. Can society endorse the fact that criminals should rot in jail, regardless of the crime? Think of the impact of an increased jail population on our taxes. For a moment consider the incarcerated population growing because of an increase in crime or by design.
The private prison sector only exists to satisfy the shareholder’s interest. The need to make money. More criminals enter the criminal justice system. There is no human rights consideration, there is no rehabilitation only a number, and a statistic. Private prisons are not concerned with rehabilitation; they are not concerned with the human factor. In addition, because they are interested only in making profits, private prison companies lobby local and federal governments to create legislation and increase penalties to ensure a steady flow of inmates. To illustrate, this essay includes what the advocates of private prisons argue and include opinions of the antagonists, with the objective of finding some common ground.

The proponents of private prisons contend that private prison are a necessity because the criminal justice system is in crisis and governments do not have the willingness to spend public money building new prisons. According to Adrian Moore, Mr. Moore is the Vice Pres...

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...Dr. Zimbardo saw the conditions of the experiment, and questioned Zimbardo’s methodology the experiment stopped. However, One of the students with a guard role nicknamed “John Wayne” commented, “Power Corrupts, and how difficult is for victims of abuse to stand up and defend themselves.” when interviewed for a BBC documentary called “Quiet Rage” depicting the real footage and interviews from Zimbardo’s Stanford experiment. “Quiet Rage” circa 1992 was directed by Emmy celebrated director Ken Musen, Mr. Musen is a graduate of Stanford and USC’s School of cinematic arts. His documentary, depicts what happened in the experiment. And albeit the experiment was a total failure, day by day becomes more relevant, because it shows that abuse and denial of basic human rights, is never too far from any kind of prison, private or public, showing the dark side human own nature.

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