The Free Market Economy : A Crisis Of Survival And The Principal Contradiction Between Man And Nature

The Free Market Economy : A Crisis Of Survival And The Principal Contradiction Between Man And Nature

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The free market economy (FME) can also be referred to as an economy that has no government control over products and services that permit the free conduct of business based on mutual governmental agreements. For decades now, the capitalist has benefited from the advantages it brings, for example, globalisation and its impact on employment particularly in developing countries, however, it has greatly contributed to the worsening of global ecological crisis. This crisis occurred when the capitalist was seen to have resulted in a triumph over the communist system, resulting from the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 and the downfall of the revolutionary process in China (Moore, 2003).This essay will examine the capacity and inability of capitalist to tackle the ecological crisis such as the environmental degradation and carbon dioxide emissions, often referred to as ‘climate change’.
The global ecological crisis is actually a crisis of survival and the principal contradiction between man and nature. From a global perspective, many countries have experienced the ecological crisis. These global ecological crises are even more vital than the current economic meltdown (Zhang, 2013). For instance, the destruction of Amazon rainforests by loggers seeking to make a quick monetary gain at the expense of the indigenous tribes, or profit from palm oil by clearing forests (Butler, 2014). The free market capitalist system has directly worsened the ecological crisis and has generated more environmental damage when boosted by the western civilisation, where capitalists are free to engage in business activities without government interference. Such industries generate more profits at the detriment of global environment. For example,...

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...d government intervention and treaties for this to happen. In the capitalist economy, there is a great deal of research on how to control or perhaps reverse the situation that is being funded by organisations and governments (Jessop, 2000). However, there are a few parties that are being paid to contradict these opinions after receiving funds from interested parties such as oil companies’ who are accused of causing the environmental destruction. Although, the ecological destruction cannot entirely be blamed on the FME, it remains to be the dominant economic factor in the world and the most capable of reversing the situation of ecological crisis (Barry, 2007). It is indeed the generation of capital gains that enables ecological destruction to thrive (Moore, 2003). This situation makes it difficult to rely on the FME in the fight against the global ecological crisis.

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