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The Free Journalist Essay

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American journalism is a constantly evolving field, and the freedoms granted by the Constitution allow the news media to flourish in a fairly unrestricted environment. As an integral part of the democratic United States, the media is responsible for keeping citizens informed and involved in their government and society. However, the media is not infallible, nor is it omniscient. Since its conception, it has faced detractors both foreign and domestic, and from every feasible political party. Despite its legions of reporters, analysts, and executive producers, the news media is unable to follow every story and capture each moment in detail. America is a dynamic aggregation in a state of perpetual expansion, and the media today is facing greater challenges than in the past; economic abatement and digital growth affect the news on a daily basis. The tribulations of the twenty-first century have created the need for a supplementary news source, and it is quite plausible that citizen journalism can fulfill this need. Citizen journalists are everyday people reporting or commenting on news events, and despite their civilian status, these journalists continue to prove themselves to be vital to the new news media. Citizen journalism is beneficial to the field of news reporting because it acts as an extension for the professional media, presents a personal interaction and connection online which major news networks often lack, and is an economic alternative in a time of fleeting employment opportunities.
The mainstream media have neither the resources nor the desire to cover all stories. Citizen journalists are an effective physical extension to the media because they are able to report on incidents already in progress. Events such as the “...

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