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Free Coffee?
Most people have moments in their life where they just want to enjoy an expensive Caribou drink without paying for it. The kind of drink that makes one gasp when they first see it, and when they take a sip of it their mouth craves for more. I would love this free drink. In order to get one, I must be able to find the right person and persuade them to buy it for me. I have three siblings: Kaylee, Kyle, and Kurt who would be strong contenders in getting a payed-for coffee. The question is: who would more likely buy me a drink?
Kaylee is twenty years old and is the oldest sibling. She works at an orthodontist office as a dental assistant and earns more money than me. Even though she finished her Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management, she still lives at home. My hope is that she will find a nice young man who is a strong believer and will marry him, thus moving out of the house. She met this nice guy from Texas and is currently talking to him. Kaylee is the kind of person who prefers a sweet note or a thought of encouragement instead of a sweatshirt or a cute shirt for her birthday. Words are very meaningful to her. When we were younger, we would fight and sometimes my big mouth would get me into trouble. If I called her an idiot she would not talk to me for the rest of the day. Now that we have matured, we have a closer relationship. If we were to disagree, it would be over something silly like if one of us left the hair straightener on the sink, or if there was a serious conflict, we would be able to talk about it and ask for forgiveness. Since words are meaningful to her, my strategy would be to make her feel good by saying kind words to her. Then, since she has a generous heart, she would naturally ask m...

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...if he would like to go to Caribou and let him drive, he wouldn’t think twice and run out the door with the car keys in his hands. Like Kyle, Kurt likes to spend quality time with people rather than getting a nice card or a cool gift. Kurt doesn’t work a whole lot of hours so we are home at the same time after school. It would be a great time to get coffee and talk about all the homework we have for the day.
Therefore, who is the best candidate that would buy me a drink from Caribou? I would have to guess Kurt since we could pretty much go anytime of the day. Kyle would be more challenging because it would depend on if he had homework and in a good mood. Kaylee would solely depend on if she had time. Overall, I am blessed with my three siblings that would probably all buy me a drink from Caribou. Instead I think I might buy them a drink to show my gratitude.

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