Free College : Is A Writer Focused On Economic And Political Issues That Affect Poverty And Inequality System

Free College : Is A Writer Focused On Economic And Political Issues That Affect Poverty And Inequality System

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The article is written by Matt Bruenig who is a writer primarily focused on economic and political issues that especially affect poverty and inequality system. This essay discusses the idea of free college in the U.S. Topics include the different definitions of “ free college” and various benefits for different class-based students which lead to the inequality of free college plan. The meaning of “free college” varies from one to another. Some believe that it is sponsoring tuition to zero, while others believe that it means not only sponsoring tuition to zero but also living grants. Since there are many different views toward the definition of free college, government may need to declare it clearly. The author also mentions about the lack of equality of free college plan is another problem. Many researches show that the free colleges plan benefits middle-class and higher-class students more than poor students. This is a current and reliable account for argument of free college plan.

Ike Brannon used to be a director of economic policy for the American Action Forum and currently is a president in the consulting firm Capital Policy Analytics. The article presents Ike’s contrary view to the proposal of free college from President Obama. He gives many reasons to explain why the free college plan would not work. For instance, he states that the tuition in community college is affordable and the price of the tuition fees would not make students fail to get a degree. In addition, many colleges provide financial aid or special aid such as merit-based financial aid for students from the working class. According to the community college research, it shows that only twenty percent of students continue studying and transfer to a four-yea...

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.... He wrote his view on the topic about whether the community college tuition should be free. He states that college tuition should not be free by providing different perspectives to support his stance, which is relevant to my research topic. He starts with the unequal relationship between a sophomore at four-year college who has to pay for tuition and a sophomore at community college who does not. In the following paragraphs, he brings up the fact that graduation rate at Community College is lower, that the data from Bureau of Labor Statistics shows almost fifty percent of four-year graduated students are underemployed and that the nation’s deficit financing budget may result from the unnecessary higher cost of free community college tuition. This article uses information to prove that the making the community college tuition free is not beneficial and necessary.

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