Frederick Douglass: The Father of Civil Rights Essay

Frederick Douglass: The Father of Civil Rights Essay

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In February 1818, Frederick Douglass, America’s most famous civil rights leader was born into one of the country’s most appalling institutions, slavery. He visualized a diverse nation without discrimination and hate. Frederick became one of the most well-known writers, lecturers and abolitionists. Above all, Frederick Douglass was dedicated to obtaining freedom and justice for all Americans, especially African Americans.
Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey was born a slave in Talbot County, Maryland. His mother was Harriet Bailey, a black slave woman and his father was Harriet’s master Aaron Anthony. Frederick was taken from Harriet and was raised his grandmother. When Frederick was seven, he was sent to work in the Main House of his father’s plantation. Since Frederick was too young to work in the fields, he was given the job of driving cows to and from the pasture, keeping chickens out of the garden, yard chores and errands.
When his father died in 1826, ownership of Frederick and the other slaves went to Anthony’s son-in-law Thomas Auld. Thomas sent Frederick to work for his brother Hugh Auld and his wife Sophia, in Baltimore, Maryland. They wanted a companion for their toddler son. Frederick spent his days entertaining and taking care of Thomas. Sophia taught Frederick his ABC’s until her husband discovered what she was doing and ended the lessons. Frederick decided nothing would keep him from learning to read and write. He carried a Webster’s spelling book with him and asked poor white neighbor children to teach him words in exchange for bread.
In 1832, Frederick went back Thomas Auld’s plantation and the realities of slavery. He was always hungry and had to endure the cruel treatment of the “negro-breaker and slave-d...

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