Frederick Douglass And His Development As National Hero Essay

Frederick Douglass And His Development As National Hero Essay

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Frederick Douglass is one of the most famous African American civil rights activists. He was born in "Talbot County, Maryland around 1818". Where he lived his early life as a plantation slave, sometime after his mother 's death he was sent to Baltimore to live with Hugh Ald. Being in unfamiliar surroundings with no support was very difficult for Douglass. However, Douglass 's time in Baltimore would mark the beginning of his development as national hero. During his stay in Baltimore Sophia, Hugh Ald 's wife would teach Douglass how to read and write. Eventually Hugh Ald caught wind of this and put a stop to it immediately. Nevertheless, Douglass continued to learn how to read and write from the children. Douglass even stated that being forbidden to learn how to read and write only inspired him more to learn as much as he could.
Douglass 's intelligence and his unwillingness to be treated unfairly got him a one-way ticket to the doorsteps of Edward Covey, a slave owner who was known for breaking slaves. The constant beatings, punishments, and failed escapes were beginning to take a toll on Douglass 's spirit. However on his last capture by Covey, Douglass and Covey had an intense fist fight after which Covey never beat Douglass again. Douglass 's battle with Covey helped sharpen his resolve as he stated in his Narrative, "you have seen how a man was made a slave; you shall see how a slave was made a man. Eventually in 1845 Frederick Douglass escaped from the South permanently and settled in New Bedford, Massachusetts where he married Anna Murray and changed his name from Fredrick Augustus Washington Bailey to Fredrick Douglass. In New Bedford Douglass eventually met the William Lloyd Garrison 's American Anti-Slavery Society a...

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...r example, the Chinese government controls its people too much. Instead they need to give more power to the people, and allow more freedom of expression. While I can 't say I could be an activist for Chinese civil rights reform I can say that I now have a completely different outlook on my people and government.
In retrospect I can thankfully say that the experiences that have lead to my personification are not as extreme as Malcolm X or Fredrick Douglass. But perhaps that is why I am also not influential and driven to be heard as they are. However, I can say that like them my journey to a new and foreign place had changed my perspective and helped me to grown my voice. Overall my experience studying abroad in America has made me a stronger person. And while I do not know if it is discernable in person I feel it is definitely noticeable in my opinions and writing.

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