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Why I desire to be an Alpha man? The answer to that question answered in its entirety would far exceed the three page limit allotted for this essay. In the Army we are taught to K.I.S.S things meaning, keep it simple. The mission statement of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is to develop leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities. This mission statement embodies the backbone principles of why I desire to be an Alpha man.
The way a leader is defined and remembered is not only through his actions and accolades, his followers and the leaders he developed also go into a leader’s legacy. Much like a legendary football coach, whose coaching tree goes on to do great things, I desire to join an organization that not only assist in my development as a leader, but also facilitate in the development of others as well. How could I contribute to the development of leaders? My largest contribution will come from my experience of being the United States military, where I was not only trained how to become an efficient leader, I was also taught on how to facilitate the growth and development of others leaders as well. I am able to accurately assess and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of an individual and assist in the development of a plan of action to address these areas. One of my personal beliefs is that vast knowledge is useless unless it is passed down to someone. With that being said I take every opportunity possible to share any knowledge that has helped me along the way.
Having no brothers and growing up in a household full of women, I often sought out brotherhood in any possible way, whether that is in the form of schoolhouse friends, teammates, or fellow soldiers...

... middle of paper ...

...e by, because even though I may be in charge of a group of people or project, I am doing it out of servitude to the people. How can I contribute to the providing of service and advocacy to our communities? I can use my passion for helping to uplifting our communities and combine it with the dedication of any resource I have available to me to implement programs of service and advocacy in those communities.
This essay is just a brief summary of why I desire to be an Alpha man and the contributions I will bring to Alpha Phi Alpha. As previously stated my fully expounded upon desires would greatly exceed the limits of this essay, so if I had K.I.S.S it into just three words, I would choose; learn, grow, and share. However, I am strong believer of deeds over words, so this essay will serve only as mental fodder and the main course will come in the form of my actions.

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