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Fraser Institute is a research based non-profit independent and educational organization in Canada. The Fraser institute is referred to as a “Think Tank”. More than 80 countries are linked with this organization. They conduct specific query and encourage people to participate in this query and giving appropriate solution. They work for the betterment of society and examine the effects of an economics that affects society. Their main mission is to give proper measurement and transparency in research. Institute is grown to 350 authors in 22 countries, published 600 books, thousands of articles and researches on wide variety of issues for example health care, overall tax, education, economic system, and many more which is elucidated in the following paragraphs (Boyle, 2014).
Twenty years ago, they held their first student seminar and at that time only 60 students from nearby universities participated. Some came with interest and some came just to challenge their effort. By the passage of time, their contribution towards “Education and opportunity” climbed to top, 65 students grown to 650 and 650 grown to 13,000. Fraser institute started with students to examine public issues from a free market but today many politicians, academics, journalists, and businesspeople are indulged with them in researches as mentioned in the attached article (Fryer, 2009). Fraser Institute gives importance to social issues as they did research on “charity and generosity index” to measure who has donated how much from his income to charity across all the provinces of Canada. The analysis of this research is shown in the attached article (Institute, 2011).
Fraser institute has beautifully explained in one of his researches “Canada is a strong and a f...

... middle of paper ...

...utcomes. With the help of their partners in other developing world, they expect to tackle the inconsistent data problem about the economic freedom. They are connecting to Arab World so that entrepreneurship lifts people out of poverty and creates new perspective of jobs (Walker, McMahon, & Karabegovi, 2005).
Fraser institute has worked on almost all aspects of social and economic growth. It provides us with good analysis of all the issues prevailing and the solutions needed. Research published by the Institute contributes directly to improve the quality of life of people of all ages. As it is linked with many countries and Arab World, it has a long way to go. It truly follows its slogan “If it matters, measure it”.

Boyle, T. (2014, april Monday). Fraser Institute. Retrieved from

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