Franz Liszt- The Modern Pianist Essay

Franz Liszt- The Modern Pianist Essay

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Franz Liszt: The Modern Pianist
Who exactly is Franz Liszt? He is called the Priest of the Piano, The Wizard of the Piano, the Great Technician, the Prophet, even a Freak of Nature! Yes, he could and did match every name stated but Liszt is nothing short of a genius and a musical giant among the many composers of the past! Among the many composers, none have come to the point of making a mark in every genre of music as Liszt accomplished. The question is: How exactly did Franz Liszt enhance the world of music as we know it? Liszt accomplished this through his ingenious musical innovations and through diligent work of specific pianistic innovations.
Franz Joseph Liszt was born in the town of Raiding, Hungary in the year 1811 to Adam Liszt and Maria Anna Lager. Liszt’s father Adam Liszt was a musician and played the Esterhazy orchestra. He played cello, piano, violin and sang bass. Liszt started to show signs of his musical genius at the early age of six. Adam Liszt wrote in one of his journals:”After his vaccination, a period commenced in which the boy had to struggle alternately with nervous pains and fever, which more than once impelled his life. On one occasion, during his second or third year, we thought him dead and ordered his coffin made. This agitated condition lasted until his sixth year. In that same year he heard me play Rie’s Concerto in C-sharp minor. Franz, bending over piano, was completely absorbed. In the evening, coming in from a short walk in the garden, he sang the theme of the concerto. We made him sang it again. He did not know what he was singing. That was the first indication of his genius.” Franz’s father began to give him lessons at the piano in which Franz showed phenomenal progress. He was able to impr...

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...ns have earned him a spot in musical history that is truly unmatched or unparalleled by any composer before or after him. He is and will forever be considered the greatest pianist and one of the greatest musical minds to walk the face of the earth. Not everything Liszt has accomplished can be attained in a college scholastic paper or even books one can suspect. It is safe to say that the legacy of the great Franz Liszt will continue to live on in the world of music now and for tomorrow’s generation.

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