Frantic Need For World Development Essay

Frantic Need For World Development Essay

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One of the main reason there is a frantic need for world development is because some countries are living and suffering in poverty and desperately need help. There are two kinds of poverty, relative poverty which consists of the poor who have fairly less income and resources for life than the rest of the world and absolute poverty which consists of a level of survival which is less than minimally sufficient to meet basic human requirements such as shelter, food, warmth etc…There are a lot of factors that contribute to world poverty such as lack of education, poor health, wars, natural disasters, countries in debt and unfair trade.
Firstly there are too many people affected by preventable problems which can easily be solved in developed countries such as the need for clean water, starvation, curable diseases, poor health care, lack of education, over population and low life expectancy. If the countries suffering from these unfortunate situations solve these problems they can find ways to improve their economy and expand their country physically and mentally (education). Providing children vaccinations will help boost the country’s health care and education can make the people more aware of contraception and hygiene which can also improve the country’s health care.
Since there is inequality in the world and unfair distribution poor countries are getting poorer and rich countries are getting richer. An example of this would be the unfair trade, the world trade is conquered by the more economically developed countries and the consequences of this are the poor countries have to put up with the prices they get paid which are determined by the rich countries. If the entire world gets equal distribution of wealth and necessities, there...

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Overall, it is essential for rich countries to help poor countries develop themselves because it will provide them a chance to be equal in this world and receive an equal amount of opportunity like everyone else. Uneducated women would be an example, 56% of women in this world do not receive any education and two thirds of this world’s illiterates are females, if this is changed and these women are provided with education and job opportunities it would be huge step forward in making everyone in this world equal. People in poor countries are living in conditions that are unthinkable, they cannot afford food and technology with the rising inflation and financial crisis. However, they cannot be left behind either because if they are everyone else will suffer too. Therefore, we have to find a solution to improve every country and make everyone equal in this world.

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