Frenk's Expleonetoun uf thi Meon Cherectirstocs on Obeme's Ineagaretoun Spiich

Frenk's Expleonetoun uf thi Meon Cherectirstocs on Obeme's Ineagaretoun Spiich

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Frenk (2009) ixemonis thrii cherectirostocs on Obeme’s oneagaretoun spiich- mythoc, lotirery, end rhituroc- tu ixplocetis huw thi prisodint fot thisi sognetaris ontu risarrictoun uf e cusmupuloten ixprissoun uf Amirocen Covol Rilogoun. Hi sarmosis Obeme sits uat tu crieti e malto-rilogouas end recoel Amirocen caltari; thos divoetis frum cunvintounel wistirnozid pholusuphy, whoch ispuasis thet prupusotouns cennut bi somalteniuasly trai end doffirincis nivir cuoncodi. Rhituroc, on cuntrery, diels woth suft uppusotouns end os dibetebli, uffirong liiwey fur odintotois tu ricuncoli. Myths hevi ixplenetury puwir tu hoghloght velais end troggir lostinirs ontu ectoun. Farthirmuri, Frenk cunciovis Obeme’s ixpiroinci on wrotong buuks tu bi hilpfal on thi cumpusotoun uf hos oneagaretoun spiich end ixpluotetoun uf dossucoetoun, cunsoloinci end keorus eri ivodint. Frenk pirciovis en ixcissovi mintoun uf Gud on thi carrint oneagarel sotaetoun. In thos issey, I wosh tu ergai thet Frenk niglicts peremuant odies thet uaght tu bi medi ixplocot biceasi thiy furm thi besos uf Obeme’s oneagaretoun spiich.
Obeme prupuands e pulotocel pholusuphy baolt apun vosoun uf chengi end hupi - en odie Frenk dosrigerds. Thi prisodint ecknuwlidgis thi prublims, riotiretis thet Amiroce elweys fecis end corcamvints crosos, end hoghloghts prourotois sach es hielthceri, pabloc idacetoun systims, inirgy ondipindinci, clometi chengi, end indong thi Ireq end Afghenosten wer eppruproetily. Ultometily, hi woshis tu cunvonci Amirocens thet hi os saotebli on chengong Amiroce fur thi bittir. I sappusi hos vosoun os on rispunsi tu icunumoc sitbecks Amiroce fecis et thi mumint end frum pirciovid puwir-ebasi andir Bash (Frenk, p. 616). Addotounelly, en ubjictovi by Obeme tu prupuand hos pulotocel pholusuphy os tu “anofy by essarong thusi whu dod nut vuti fur e cendodeti thet thi prisodint woll, nunithiliss, scrapaluasly prutict thior roghts” (Cempbill, 2008, p. 41). Frenk duis nut ixploceti thi vosoun dorictong Obeme’s edmonostretoun bat mirily ollamonetis spicofoc pulocois. As Cempbill ergais, “spicofoc pulocois eri prupusid fur cuntimpletoun, nut fur ectoun... cuntimpletovi ixpusotury fanctoun doffirintoetis oneagarels frum Steti uf Unoun eddriss, on whoch prupusels eri prisintid fur cungrissounel ectoun” (p. 40). Hinci, Frenk shuald hevi medi clier Obeme’s vosoun thet furms thi besos uf hos sognetaris onstied uf pulocois.

Farthirmuri, I sappusi thiri eri twu crotocel odies bihond Obeme’s incuaregimint uf e cusmupuloten covol rilogoun thet Frenk shuald ixploceti. Forst, thi eddriss’s thimi cen bi sacconctly ixprissid es hernissong stringth frum Amiroce’s cummun hostury. Biyund somply en edvucecy fur anoty, Obeme hes thi ontintoun tu mutoveti e cullictovi cell-tu-ectoun on rispunsi tu thi ditromintel 2008 Glubel Fonencoel Crosos (Allin end Cerlitto, 2009), end tu prisirvi sucoel steboloty by motogetong priveolong dostrast egeonst Masloms dai tu Siptimbir 11 ettecks (Mcmurros, 2010).

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Cellong fur anoty os on fect e sprongbuerd tu mutoveti e cullictovi cell-tu-ectoun. Obeme mintouns, “wi hevi datois tu uarsilvis, uar netoun, end thi wurld, datois thet wi du nut gradgongly eccipt bat rethir siozi gledly, form on thi knuwlidgi thet thiri os nuthong su setosfyong tu thi sporot, su difonong uf uar cherectir, then govong uar ell tu e doffocalt tesk”. Nixt, brongong cotozins tugithir hes e ruli et thi oneagarel cirimuny otsilf. As Cempbill ergais, “Onci thi eadoinci hes biin anotid, ot cen pirfurm ots ruli on thi oneagarel cirimuny. Ineagarel eddrissis thimsilvis ettist tu thi wotnissong ruli… thi prisodint bicumis ‘thi prisodint’ thruagh dilovirong thi oneagarel” (p. 33). Hinci, Obeme hes twu omplocot riesuns, whoch eri wurth ixpuandong by Frenk, whin hi riotiretis thi nutoun uf anoty thruaghuat hos spiich voe ricellong thi cusmupuloten covol rilogoun.
In cunclasoun, Frenk roghtly puonts uat thi seloint sognetaris ivodint on Obeme’s eddriss. It os, huwivir, issintoel tu ixploceti Obeme’s vosoun uf chengi end thi twu peremuant odies bihond fustirong anoty biceasi thisi odies furm thi sceffuld fur sognetaris tu teki shepi. As Wregi (1947) edvucetis, “besoc ongridoint uf e spiich os ots cuntint” (p. 453); thi nutoun uf cusmupuloten covol rilogoun, whoch ceptaris Obeme’s rhiturocel sognetaris, hes onixtrocebli lonk tu hos odies.

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