Franklin Roosevelt 's First Inaugural Speech Essay

Franklin Roosevelt 's First Inaugural Speech Essay

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Nationwide, it is known that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the one to serve the longest time that any President has ever done so before and he was great at what he accomplished. Roosevelt was like a “grandparent” to the American people with the way that he would speak to them, acknowledge them, and explain what was going on in the world to them (Franklin, American). Each time that Franklin was elected, he had to give the nation an inaugural speech, each president does. However, his second, third, and fourth speeches all related to the topic of what he was going to change in his upcoming presidency compared to the courses of action he had taken in previous events. Within his Second Inaugural Speech, Franklin D. Roosevelt describes to the American people the conditions of the world and what he will try to accomplish to create tranquility throughout the nation. He reassures citizens that changes made will be positive using positive diction, strong pathos, and allusions.
Historical Background/Purpose
Franklin Roosevelt did not expect himself becoming as great of a President as he did. After he attended Groton Preparatory School in Groton, Massachusetts to learn to be a proper young man, Roosevelt attended Harvard University (Franklin, Britannica). There, he was more concerned with his social image and events outside of the classroom than he was with his actual studies (Franklin, Britannica). While he was at Harvard, he started to notice the work of his older cousin and President (at the time), Theodore Roosevelt, as Theodore was showing the nation their need for a greater influence of the government in their economy (Franklin, Britannica). After Harvard, Roosevelt went to Columbia University Law School and with a specific Wall Street...

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...ple and the land of America (Newman).
Because Roosevelt gave more speeches related to his second inaugural speech, people remember this (and the others) by how great of a president he was. Therefore, the main success of this speech is his presidency that will live on forever. Whenever a conversation is started about politics in general, it’s not a surprise to hear “I wish there was a candidate similar to Franklin Roosevelt”. The last thing that Roosevelt said in his speech was, “While this duty rests upon me I shall do my utmost to speak their purpose and to do their will, seeking Divine guidance to help us each and every one to give light to them that sit in darkness and to guide our feet into the way of peace.” (“One Third of a Nation.”). Just that one quote could explain to someone what he based his entire presidencies around, the American people and their needs.

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