Essay on The Franklin Road Church Youth Groups Are More Than Just a Religion

Essay on The Franklin Road Church Youth Groups Are More Than Just a Religion

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The Franklin Road Church of Christ youth group consists of youth of all ages. The group is divided into three subgroups: Tots for Christ (TFC), Kids for Christ (KFC), and the Senior Youth Group (SYG). In particular, for this essay I will be explaining how the Senior Youth Group is a discourse community. Franklin Road’s SYG consists of the ages 11-18. Within the group we do various things such as going to youth retreats, youth conferences, and many more; just to name a few. The group has been around for many years, all the way back to when my parents were kids. I have been a member of SYG ever since I was a baby; therefore I have enough knowledge about how this group in fact is a discourse community according to John Swales six criteria.
Before I begin, let me tell you a little about who Swales is. He was a professor of linguistics at The University of Michigan, who received his PhD in psychology from Cambridge University in 1957. During his years as a professor he wrote a book called Genre Analysis, within a chapter of this book Swales discuses what a discourse community is and how it is different from a speech community. Swales states that “speech communities are centripetal (they tend to absorb people into that general fabric), whereas discourse communities are centrifugal (they tend to separate people into occupational or specialty – interest groups)” (471). To make his argument stronger he develops six criteria that a group should have in order to be considered a discourse community.
The first criterion is that every discourse community should have "a broadly agreed set of common public goals" (Swales, 471). What Swales is saying is that the group must have a goal that all the members know of and agree on. The goal can ...

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.... Therefore, I asked Stewart whether or not the calendar was helpful. He replied that “the calendar is very helpful because when I am scheduling to do something; I will also check our calendar to make sure our group it’s doing anything on that particular day” (Stewart).
It is good that the calendar is helpful because when the members of SYG don’t overbook themselves our events will be a success and this helps the group fulfill its goal. Which is to prepare youth to become future leaders of the church and in the world, show them how to be faithful Christians, and it is a support system for the members. In order for the goal of the Franklin Road Senior Youth Group to be accomplished it requires many different aspects, some that are part of John Swales six criteria, therefore making The Senior Youth group a discourse community.

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