Franklin Delano Roosevelt Impacted Our Nation Like No Other President Essay

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Impacted Our Nation Like No Other President Essay

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in New York. He was the proud son of James and Sara Roosevelt. Franklin received his middle name from his mother, whose middle name was also Delano. Throughout his younger years and even through adulthood the world he was brought up in was one that was full of privileges and knowing how important it was to have self-importance. During his formative years President Roosevelt never attended a regular school because his parents and personal tutors provided him with an education. The household was at his beck and call, with his mother being the most dominant figure throughout his life. His upbringing was one like no other, which impacted how he would later become the leader of our nation.
When Franklin was fourteen he attended the Groton Prep School, a five year college preparatory in Groton, Massachusetts; in which he only went for four years. After graduating, he then received his bachelors degree in history from Harvard University, which is ranked 2nd in national universities current day, in only three short years. He continued his education for a few more years at law school and passed the bar exam, but did not finish law school with a degree. In 1910, at age 28, was when Franklin Roosevelt first dipped his feet in politics by being elected to New York’s senate as a democrat. Throughout his journey from school to the senate, he married Eleanor Roosevelt, a distant cousin and niece of former president Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Together they had six children, but only five of the six children survived through infancy with Anna the oldest and John the youngest being ten years apart.
Again in 1912, Franklin ran and was reelected to state senate...

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...ry Truman his running mate. Together they won with thirty-six of the forty-eight states. He had one last duty before his time. In February 1945, Franklin Roosevelt, with the company of Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin, attended the Yalta Conference to discuss post-war reorganization. Two months later President Roosevelt died of a massive stroke, which he never recovered from.
Throughout his many years of Presidency, Franklin Roosevelt made many changes to not only benefit our nation, but many other countries. Though criticism comes with such a prominent, he never once laid down for others. He always fought for what he believed was best for our nation. He helped improved our nation many times, helped other nations, and made many acts that are still in place till this day. Without his many years of service there is no telling where our nation would be.

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