Franklin D. Roosevelt 's Life Essay

Franklin D. Roosevelt 's Life Essay

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Franklin D. Roosevelt, was born in Hyde Park, on January 30, 1882. He was born to James Roosevelt and Sara Delano Roosevelt. His father was 54 at the time of his birth and already had a grown son of his own, while Sara Delano was 27. He was not named until seven weeks after his birth. Growing up, he had access to his parents’ wealth and had every opportunity he desired. His formative education came from his parents and his tutors as well as Groton the preparatory school he attended in Massachusetts. Ironically, while he was still young his cousin, Theodore Roosevelt told him “Don 't grow up to be the President.”
At Harvard he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in history in just three years. While attending Harvard his Father passed away after suffering from heart ailments for quite some time. Afterwards he attended New York’s Columbia University, then moved to the New York City law firm to study under them. In 1905 he had married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, who was his distant cousin on St. Patrick 's day. President Theodore Roosevelt gave Anna Eleanor away to him.They had five children, Anna, James, Elliot, Franklin Jr. and John. They had another child who did not survive infancy. In 1910 he began his entrance to politics and became the elected New York Senate.
Roosevelt was reelected to the Senate in 1912 and gave support to Woodrow Wilson’s candidacy at the Democratic convention. Because of his support Wilson appointed Roosevelt the Secretary of the Navy from 1913-1920.. His energy and efficiency assisted him in specializing in the business side of the navy. This job helped prepare him for his job as Commander-in-Chief During the second World War. His popularity began to grow and he showed up as the vice President on the ticket...

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...s. Priority was given to the Western front and the Alliance invaded North Africa in November 1942 then Italy in 1943. The pressure and strain of war took a toll on Roosevelt 's physical health. Doctors confirmed his heart was suffering and his circulatory system was experiencing issues. In 1944 he ran again for a fourth term feeling like he couldn 't step down in the middle of this war. His opponent Thomas E. Dewey ran a campaign that FDR was too sick to properly lead and his presidency had become too stale. Roosevelt fought for his spot and was reelected. Despite a strict diet and regimen, while on vacation he suffered from a major stroke and died hours later never regaining consciousness at 63 years old. His last words fell along the lines explaining he had a headache before he began convulsing. His body was buried in Hyde park, in the rose garden of his estate.

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