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Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography Essay

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In 1910, Franklin D. Roosevelt had entered his first election. This election wasn’t for U.S. Presidency, but for the New York State Senate instead. With the help of his campaigning, his name, and a landslide vote from Democrats, he had won his first election at the age of 28. Surprisingly the district he ran in had voted Republican for 32 years straight. This was just the start to Roosevelt’s political career. Roosevelt was not like others who came before him. The article “Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography” written by the editors of states, “As a state senator, Roosevelt opposed elements of the Democratic political machine in New York. This won him the ire of party leaders, but gained him national notoriety and valuable experience in political tactics and intrigue” (Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography). Due to his upbringing, Roosevelt had felt a higher importance of helping others rather than himself. He learned these values from his headmaster, Endicott Peabody, while attending Groton School for boys. Roosevelt was reelected for the first time in 1912, where he once again served as a State Senator for New York. It was during this time that he became allies with Louis Howe. Howe would go on to help shape Roosevelt’s political career for the upcoming 25 years.
In 1912, while attending the National Democratic Convention, Roosevelt supported Woodrow Wilson, the presidential candidate. In return for his support, Roosevelt had been rewarded by Wilson with appointment as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. This was the same position that his fifth cousin, long time idol, and former President of the United States, had once had as well. While in this position, Franklin D. Roosevelt, became a specialist with business operations...

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...end of the war, Roosevelt had attended the Yalta Conference where he met with the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, and Soviet General Secretary, Joseph Stalin. The purpose of the Yalta Conference was to discuss post-war reorganization. On April 12, 1945, Roosevelt had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and had passed away. Upon discovery of his death, the nation was shook to its core. The article “Franklin D. Roosevelt biography” concludes stating “His 12 years in the White House set a precedent for the expansion of presidential power and redefined liberalism for generations to come.” (Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography). Without the help of Roosevelt’s unique policies there is no telling what the United States would have looked like without him, arguably the U.S. would have found a way to get through, but it would have been more of a challenge without Roosevelt.

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