Essay on Franki and Adrian: A Fictional Narrative

Essay on Franki and Adrian: A Fictional Narrative

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~ Franki ~
For a first date, everything was definitely going smoothly. Alix's comments made her blush furiously, she was with her best friend, and was about ready to get something delicious-
"Food later. I say we do the Fun House first. I freaking love those funny mirror things, where you can look like a midget or a fat man," Capri explained, laughing. And there went the date . . .
Franki gave Capri one of those looks, a small little glance that suggestted the possibility something was wrong. Everyone else seemed please with this Fun House idea. Alix was smiling as he mentioned tunnels. So far everything sounded fun, as the name implied and then Adrian skipped up by Capri, looking up with a laugh at a . . . clown. Good God, this Fun House had to have clowns. Dark childhood days made the "cheerful jokesters" the thing of nightmares. She blamed her parents for taking her to a circus too young and letting too many creepy clowns try to make her laugh when all baby Franki wanted to do was play by herself and sleep. Well that, and the fact some of her older friends out of PHA loved to watch the movie It every Halloween, and torment her by waiting by her bedside in the middle of the night dressed up as the damned clown.
Giggles or Chuckles, or Satan the Clown awaited at the entrance with a painted on smile the color of blood. Avoid eye contact and it won't attack . . .
"Welcome to the Fun House! Surprises lurk in every corner!" it announce in a booming voice that had her giving the man behind all that make up a sideways glance as she bounced back. The group became to walk into the tent, and she quickly scurried after, flashing a look at creep with the red nose.
"Well if that doesn't give you nightmares, I don't know what will," Alix ...

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...w, I do really want there to be something between us. I feel it, I feel a whole lot just by holding your hand. It's . . different. A really nice different," he sighed deeply, tearing his gaze off of Carpi and around the fair.
"So, my dear, where to next? You pick, since I dragged you into crazy future tarot card readings about how we're going to fall madly in love with one another and get married and have lots and lots of babies."

(OOC: FIVE FREAKING CENTURIES LATER!!! Woo, about time I post this. xD I'm sorry that it sucks, I'm finally getting my writing mojo back. :3 I'll follow up with a super awesome post after this, I promise! Cute Fralix time approaches since those two were off to adventure, and creepy Rhonda making awkward Caprian feels. Ummfff. Anyway, super excited for your post since you write wonderfully and provide fantastic dialogue to respond to. :333)

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