Frankenstein As A Modern Day Cult Classic With Multiple Variations Of Movies, Television, And Cartoon

Frankenstein As A Modern Day Cult Classic With Multiple Variations Of Movies, Television, And Cartoon

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The creation of life is said to be something only God has the power to do, but what if man could create life as well. James McAvoy 's character Victor Frankenstein and his assistant, Daniel Radcliffe 's character Igor, discover the way to create life in the movie Victor Frankenstein. The movie Victor Frankenstein was produced by John Davis in 2015. Victor Frankenstein is one of many movie or screen adaptations of the book Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley, in 1818. In recent generations, Frankenstein has been a modern day cult classic with multiple variations of movies, television, and cartoons being produced. When Frankenstein successfully creates an undead monster, he raises questions about creation by God and man made creation.
For the past two centuries, man has tried to discover if we could create life from death. In Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstein and Igor try to discover and perfect the process of creating life from death. Igor suggests that they should use electricity to animate their monster; Igor and Frankenstein test this hypothesis and it proves to be successful. They created life but their creation ends up being a mindless, soulless creature in the end. Secular scientists today are trying to do the same thing with cloning technology, cryogenic technology, and brain transferring. They don 't believe that God created man; they use their science to defy death and try to "create" life. The primary issue here, is man believes he can create life through science; which is yet to be proven. I know as a Christian that life is solely created by God. Frankenstein 's monster had no soul, because it was created by man and not God.
The movie, Victor Frankenstein, intends for its audience to be those who like science fiction...

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...istians would say that God is the only person who can create life and everything about creating life from death is morally wrong. This movie inevitably would side with what Christians believe because the ending of the movie shows that man can put life into something, but man cannot give that creature a soul like God can.
This movie, itself, is good if you are looking at it as just a piece of media made to entertain. If the concept in this movie was ever put into action, it would not align with my worldview at all. I don 't believe a man can create life from death; we don 't have the knowledge that God has when He created us. If we did, would there be any need for God in our lives if we could do everything He could do. I believe the concepts and ideas in Victor Frankenstein should be seen as pieces of science fiction and not as something that can be brought to life.

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