Frank W. Hedge Was An American Hero Essay

Frank W. Hedge Was An American Hero Essay

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English novelist George Orwell once said, “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”(site) Throughout American history there have been wars fought against enemies who try to revoke America’s freedom. Brave men and women risk their lives every day to preserve our countries’ rights. My grandfather was one of those individuals. Frank W. Hedge was an American hero, who dedicated his life to serve and protect his country at any expense. He was a fearless man who joined the U.S military at the age of seventeen to become a paratrooper. After reenlisting as a career army man, he became a Sergeant Major in radio communications, which later became satellite communications. He served in World War II, the Korean War, and served in Vietnam twice. In his second tour in Vietnam he was awarded a Bronze Star Medal which was one of his greatest achievements. Receiving an award in the military holds a lot of importance. As reported by Fidelis Solutions L.C.C, “[they] all tell a story of excellence, leadership, heroism, valor, courage, and superior performance.” The awards represent how hard a service member has worked, and the sacrifices they made during their time in the military. They also confirm a soldiers past, what they are capable of, and their talents. My grandfather’s Bronze Star Medal signifies his undying loyalty and love to his country and his family.
The medal comes in a black box that displays the words “Bronze Star Medal” in gold writing. Inside the box, the top half of it is lined with gold silk. The bottom half is also lined but with gold felt. In the box lays the Bronze Star Medal with a pin and ribbon. In the center of the star is a smaller star, which slightl...

... middle of paper ... at special occasions or at his funeral and chose to pass it down to his family.
My grandfather’s Bronze Star Medal signifies his undying loyalty and love to his country and his family. Through research I found and interviews held with my dad, I got to know more about my grandpa and what his purpose was in life. I have not only gained additional respect for him but also for the men and women who sacrifice their lives every day for our society to live in comfort. This medal is something my family holds close to our hearts. Frank W. Hedge was a serious man with a hard exterior, but when it came to his family he had nothing but unconditional love and patience. I will always hold the memories of him and the knowledge he shared with me close to my heart and in mind. He will forever be remembered as a hero, family man, and in my eyes one of the best men who ever lived.

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