Essay on Franco Zeffirelli's Film Romeo and Juliet

Essay on Franco Zeffirelli's Film Romeo and Juliet

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The classic tale of Romeo and Juliet is a play from a famous writer and poet that died long a ago, Willaim Shakespear. He wrote lots of famous plays and poems that we still use at this time. But the popular one is romeo and juliet, it's been directed by two different directors. The first one was directed by Franco Zeffirelli in 1968 this film is set in the 1800 they use the same costume and dialogue as in the 1500. On the other hand the Baz luhrmann production is a 1996 american urban film, it's a modern and violent but at same it's a romantic and tragedy. The film is aimed at young audience where as the zeffirelli verison is aimed at adults, but the dialogue they use is the same.

The opening of the Baz luhrmann productions Romeo and Juliet, was made in 1996 in an american city(Verona beach) where two families control the centre of the urban, Montages and Capulets. The two families are both wealthy and powerful they are also two equivalent industries, but always cause conflict when they meet, the only connection between the two families is haterd nothing but hatred and disgust for one and another. Luhrmanns productions is quite different from the original play because in ACT I the roles of gregory and sampson is taken by the montague boys, after the pologue luhrmann shows the montagues boys in car causing trouble. The two rivals meet in a gas station, they both arrival in their cars the capulets wearing dark attire where as the montagues have light clothes luhrmann wanted to mix things around a little to make it exciting, action packed film to appeal young viewers. When benvoilo frist comes in to the sence he pulls out his "Sword 9mm"(his gun), but when the two kings men meet you could see fear and haterd inside because benvoli...

... middle of paper ... because he wanted to target audience were modern veiwers. Example, when the two rival (the montagues and the capulets) both meet in the gas station luhrmann uses a west indies music tone before the begin their shoot out. A second example is at the beginning after the frist prologue, luhrmann choose a high pitched voice with a backround of loud drum beats this type of music makes the scene dramatic and gets your attaction due with the loud drum beats.
The music and sound zeffirelli used is more traditional and classic because when the prologue is been spoken by Laurence Olivier with traditional and classic music which was famous in shakespeare times. The viewer will get the impression that the aspects of the film is traditional and classic, although zeffirelli's version was based on the original play there was numerous of small details changed in the film's story.

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