Francis Daniel Pastorius 's Influence On The Writing Of American Literature

Francis Daniel Pastorius 's Influence On The Writing Of American Literature

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Francis Daniel Pastorius is not a name commonly associate with American literature, but that makes him no less important. Pastorius was born in Germany in 1651. He later immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1683 where he founded Germantown, a German settlement near Philadelphia. Pastorius was an important figure in Germantown becoming its first mayor and later a town clerk as well as being its most prominent writer. He was one of the first important poets in Pennsylvania, and he wrote extensively on various topics from religion to beekeeping . As a writer, Pastorius’s story is different than most other famous American authors of this time period because he emigrated from Germany rather than England. As a German, Pastorius’s experiences were undoubtedly different than the experiences of an English settler. This gave Pastorius a unique point of view that could not be found in the writing of American authors from England. As well as being a writer, Pastorius also owned the largest library in Germantown. Unrelated to his heritage, Pastorius’s ideology, along with his writing, is what made him such a notable figure. His beliefs were similar to the Quakers, he spent much time around Quakers though he was not a Quaker, but he was skilled writer who managed to articulate those believes in a remarkable way. His writings about the abolition of slavery and religious freedom were ahead of their time. These ideas he wrote about contrasted the beliefs and ideas of the plantation owners in the south and the Puritans in the north. Pastorius’s beliefs were different than the beliefs of most Americans, though. Taking all of these things into consideration, Pastorius’s writings should be studied more because they illustrate the ideological gaps ...

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...ideas of later abolitionists to see how the arguments against slavery evolved throughout the years.
Pastorius’s Letter sent from Philadelphia describes many important aspects of life in and around early Philadelphia. These descriptions coupled with some knowledge of life in other colonies illustrates the ideological differences between the colonies. Many facets of this letter could be discussed in connection with other literature or on its own. Its addition to the curriculum would be beneficial not only because of the information presented in the letter, but also because it would introduce Pastorius and his open-minded ideologies which could also easily be connected to the texts already included in the curriculum. This letter offers so much in terms of connections with other literature and discussion that it should, without a doubt, be included on the syllabus.

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