Essay about Francis Bacon Was Shakespeare

Essay about Francis Bacon Was Shakespeare

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The point of this research paper is to prove that Francis Bacon was Shakespeare. However, the fact of who really wrote the writings of Shakespeare is still unknown today. Many researchers have come up with a list of candidates that have the traits or characteristics of Shakespeare. The list includes Queen Elizabeth I, Edward de Vere, Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlow, and William Stanley. There is even a possibility of William Shakespeare being the actual writer of his works. At the top of that list is Francis Bacon, who had an almost direct match the thinking and personality of Shakespeare when reviewing his literature. According to Baconian Theory, there is proof that Francis Bacon is Shakespeare through the knowledge and vocabulary displayed in the various writings and works of Shakespeare.
Francis Bacon was born in the year 1561. He lived and grew up in the city of London. He was born to Sir Nicholas Bacon who was the lord keeper in Queen Elizabeth’s reign and Anne Cook who was a Puritan. His parents held a high place in the government office and this is how Francis Bacon became the official lawyer to the Queen herself. At the age of fifteen, Bacon finished his studies and graduated from Cambridge and had been accepted into the Gray’s Inn to study law and order. After he had finished, young Francis was about the age of twenty, when he became a member of Parliament (McCrea 132). He was arrested for debt in 1598. He would consistently take more than he had even though his income could not afford it. His troubles handling money was known throughout the populace and was paying a certain amount of money to people who would spread rumors of his homosexual relations with other men. Bacon was exclusively homosexual yet ironically ...

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