Franchising And Marketing Management : Toyota Essay

Franchising And Marketing Management : Toyota Essay

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Franchising and marketing management

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Task 1
Toyota is a big car company in world Toyota have a franchises all over the world normally Toyota is famous for good cars day by day this company going is growing and nowadays Toyota also start design electrical goods and other so ,any things .this company stablish in 1867 . and now this company is in all over the world and mostly Toyota have franchises in every country and individuals also have good experience with this company .
Single product or service
Single product franchising that to sell single type of product in this the duty of enterpriser is to manage the single unit of company Toyota is also a single service company because Toyota only trade the motor products.
Manufacturing and wholesale
Assembling establishments offer an organization the privilege to create merchandise and administrations utilizing the maker 's name. As indicated by Franchise Perfection, numerous sustenance and drink organizations are viewed as assembling establishments. Well known shoe and attire producers are likewise regularly fabricating franchisors. These sorts of establishments may be viewed as "wholesale" or "dissemination" organizations also.
Manufacturing and retail
If we sell the product direct to customer after make the product is called manufacturing. As an example like chocolates can sell in any shopping centre and any other retail store.
Wholesale and retail
Wholesale is like after manufacturing a product to sell any other company in wholesale we cannot sell product directly to customer after manufacturing products goes to wholesale and then it goes to retailer companies and with the help of Retailer Company product goes to individuals for us...

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... and they provide a full support from company to their customers .

Rights of franchiser and franchisee
The lawful understanding gives the privilege to both Franchise and franchisor to end the establishment if there are any legal issues.
Provisions for rights and responsibilities of the franchiser and franchisee at the conclusion of the franchise period
The responsibility of franchiser to give all things that are needed to his or her franchise.


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