Francesco Respa: My Grandfather's Story Essay

Francesco Respa: My Grandfather's Story Essay

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“If it wasn’t for me, none of you would be here.” Those were the words my grandpa said to his tremendous family at every family gathering throughout the past couple of years of his life. My grandpa, Francesco Resta, famously known as “Grandpa”, was the father of four, grandfather of eight, and great grandfather to another eight, not to mention the dozens of other people who were basically family that saw Grandpa as their own. Grandpa treated everyone with a genuine kindness that made all those who were in his presence feel as though he truly was their own grandpa. He lived 90 happy and healthy years from July 1923, until April 2013. Grandpa’s unique and heartwarming story dates back to World War II during the strange turn of events when he was sent to France to fight in the war. Hesitant to go, the shift of lifestyle to France brought forth the best thing that ever happened to Francesco Resta, Simone Dujany, the love of his life.
In the midst of World War II, Francesco Resta, was able to find a way to stay out of fighting in the war. He was able to use his mechanic savvy ways to pick up odd jobs around the railroad fields, which eventually led to a full time job on the railroads and a ticket out of combat. If it were not for this railroad job, Francesco would have never stumbled into my grandma’s small café in Paris. The desire to stay out of combat luckily brought my grandfather out of the battlefields and into the work zone, but also brought something even more special, the love of his life, Simone. Simone was the daughter of the café owners where the some working soldiers would go and grab a quick bite to eat in between their work hours. Francesco and his buddies found this quaint café, but even better a beautiful young lady. ...

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...ned the values of friendship, hardwork and compassion from the war, which they brought forth to the whole Resta family. All of the adults in the family work full-time jobs for income support and to show their children how important it is to work hard and appreciate life. Grandpa and Simone have taught all of the Resta family how to appreciate life, together. Grandpa never forgot to make sure that everyone knew “if it wasn’t for me, none of you would be here.”

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