France Relations with the Maghreb Countries: Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia in Past Decade

France Relations with the Maghreb Countries: Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia in Past Decade

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France Relations with the Maghreb Countries: Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia in Past Decade
The international relations between the countries are the process that develops the countries, since they benefit and learn from each other. International relations can be the study of sovereign states and global issues. Also, it would the study of political and economic issues among the countries in order to have a stable political system and to benefit the economy in these countries that have strong international relations. Historically, the idea of international relations has been existed since Thucydides time, who was a Greek writer in the time of Sparta’s war. The international relations between Greece and Sparta played an important role at that time. Countries always act in favour for their benefits and interests. There is no single agreement or political formation without the benefit of the parties participating. Countries always try to ensure their benefits and their political interests. These interests might lay in many aspects and issues. Two main aspects that international relations put the emphasis on are economy and political stability. Economy is, as we all know, the best tool for country development and forward satisfaction of people. When a country has a good economic quota has less likelihood of political threat and regime change. Politics on the other hand plays a major in the international relations system. Countries want to ensure their security and diminish the political threat whether internal or external. Now days, the international relations is the key of success for the countries. For example, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia have strong relations with a developed country such as France, in which they got benefit economi...

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