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France: All Things Charming Essay

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As Cole Porter once sang “Only in Paris one discovers the urge to merge with the splurge of the spring” (LyricsFreak), the French have always had a “je ne sais quoi” about them, an unforgettable charm and an unrepentant tendency for overindulgence that makes their footprint in the fields of architecture, cuisine, art, fashion and even war, ever so lasting. From Coco Chanel’s simple designs to Victor Hugo’s enchanting prose to Claude Monet’s detailed paintings, it is clear that the French have an unmeasured value for artists, innovators and people who appreciate the intrinsic value of beauty.
France has always been the epicenter of the art world; being the birthplace of the greatest forms of art and renowned artists. One of the artists that exemplify the importance of art to the French is Claude Monet. His detailed paintings are worldwide known. However, the visual arts are not the only type of art that the French people admire; fashion, literature and architecture also have a profound importance in this society. Paris is known for being the fashion capital of the world since Marion Antoinette’s times. Furthermore, France is the birthplace of perhaps one of the most successful fashion designers: Coco Chanel, who created a legacy for her brand, the fashion world and her country. Her designs broke barriers and combined elements of simplicity and beauty flawlessly. Moreover, the French people’s passionate intellect and essence can be witnessed through their literature. Authors like Victor Hugo, who belonged to the romanticist movement portrayed France’s patriotism and his personal opinion on social issues through his poems and drama works. France’s passion for art not only reflects on its talented people but in the cities themselves...

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