Fracking Should Be Banned On The United States Essay

Fracking Should Be Banned On The United States Essay

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When going through the process of choosing our next president I came up with ten deciding factors that potentially lead up to who I am voting for president this November.

Fracking should be banned in the United States.
The Earth is a living planet. It has functioned naturally for over four billion years, and it will continue to evolve long after its current inhabitants are gone. That is not unless man, alters the planet 's natural evolution.

In today 's world, coal has become the enemy, as a source of fuel, due to the high CO2 increase in the atmosphere. In a search for alternative forms of energy in the world, the gas and oil industry has discovered an alternative, found right here in our backyards. Accessing this natural resource, has become in my opinion one of the greatest and most controversial issues since the inception of the atomic bomb, concerning the environment. The environmental impact thus far is staggering.

Fracking is the process involved in removing natural gas from underground sedimentary basins, which requires horizontal, hydraulic drilling, and sometimes involves the use of dynamite. However, this drilling process is more complex than the sounds. It requires the drilling team to inject other chemicals into these basins, to jump start the flow of this natural gas. These chemicals known as fracking fluid (water, sand, and other chemicals ), are highly toxic, and most likely carcinogenic. Then, finally, Wells are installed to extract the gas.

Fracking has become a rapid paced extraction process, and at the current rate , maybe creating irreversible contamination in our water tables, that our planet may never recover from, and could ultimately destroy all living things.

To date, approximately one half of the...

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... United States does not declare war anymore in fact the last time was December 8, 1941

The U.S. should transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy.

Wind energy, solar energy, bio energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy and hydroelectric power are the six most important emerging renewable sources of energy. All the resources required sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat are naturally replenished on Earth on a human timescale when oil is not.

70% of our current oil deposits have been dated back to the Mesozoic Period

The utmost power we have as citizens in the U.S. Government, is the right and responsibility to choose our elected officials by voting.
Comparing my views to the candidates views i get a mixed conclusion. Their isn 't one candidate who compares enough with my views but the one that compares the most

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