Essay on Fracking: Not a New Technology in Hydrocarbon Fuel Exploitation

Essay on Fracking: Not a New Technology in Hydrocarbon Fuel Exploitation

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To frack or not to frack, is the question that is heavily debated in Colorado. Many might think that fracking and oil and natural gas production in Colorado is a relatively new process, but it has actually been around for many decades. The industry has provided 110,000 jobs to the citizens of Colorado making gas and oil production very important to our state. Even though oil and natural gas have brought jobs and revenue to Colorado, the citizens of Colorado are much divided when it comes to fracking and how it effects our environment.
Colorado’s first oil discovery was in 1860, in Canyon City. Communities such as Boulder Colorado benefited from the discovery of oil, as well. In 1901, Boulder had one of its first “cushers”. There were more than 200 wells drilled in Boulder County without the benefit of today’s technology and stringent environmental regulations. The oil fields left quite a mess, but they have now been cleaned up and are home to Boulder Reservoir, open space, upscale neighborhoods, and the McKenzie Well Site.(Study Fracking) The discovery of oil in Boulder is what put Boulder on the map and is what made it into the successful community it is today. It is now home to one of the top universities.
In the late 1940’s, the oil and gas industry started using fracking as a way to extract gas and oil more efficiently. Over the years, they have improved the technique of fracking and horizontal drilling which has increased production and decrease the impact to our environment. Over the last 150 plus years oil and gas development in Colorado has become the cornerstone of our nation’s domestic energy supply. Colorado has taken a conscientious approach to energy development which ensures that Colorado citize...

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...all the states they frack in. It would benefit our country and its global future.

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