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Fracking Is Ethical Essay

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Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is a method of extracting natural gas from underground by drilling and pumping large amounts of water beneath the Earth to open up natural gas deposits (Banerjee). Countries with large natural gas deposits, such as France and Bulgaria, have already banned the practice of hydraulic fracturing. Though fracking may seem like a new concept, it is not; about one million wells have been fracked since the mid-1900s in America (Brantley). Fracking has only become so controversial recently because the most current proposals have been in more residential areas. The most controversial natural gas deposits in the United States are the Marcellus Shale along Pennsylvania and New York and the Bakken formation in North Dakota. Many environmentalists are strongly against the practice of fracking because of the ecological issues such as potential groundwater contamination. Meanwhile, those in the oil industries are strongly encouraging hydraulic fracturing because of the economic benefits that it will bring for the United States such as more jobs (Tuthill). Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is ethical because it will bring a tremendous economic and energy boost to the United States.
Fracking will bring
Though those who are against the practice of hydraulic fracturing are concerned mainly about the environmental risks, they will feel a lot more secure if natural gas companies disclose some information. As Larry Kahaner states, “What some shareholders – at least those who put the question before yesterday’s meetings – and others want is for companies to issue full disclosure about individual fracking operations and the chemicals used during the process. Some companies counter that they already abide...

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