Essay about Fracking Is A Black Gold Mine For America

Essay about Fracking Is A Black Gold Mine For America

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Hydraulic fracturing, hydro fracking, and fracturing, are all the same, but most people know this process as fracking. Fracking is a black gold mine for America. Fracking in America means that the U.S.A. no longer has to rely on foreign oil and increase the national debt. Gas and oil prices are going down; the economy is rising because of fracking. Because fracking is a huge benefit to the US, “Fracking now accounts for 56% of U.S. natural gas production and 48% of oil output, according to the Energy Information Administration.” (“Fracking, with care” para. 7). The US is becoming self-reliant little by little. Fracking is becoming America 's number one source for gas and oil, which means America can become energy independent. There are a number of benefits of fracking, but at what cost? Sure, fracking has its positive benefits, but it also has negative ones. Some are irreversible. The dangerous side of fracking is not splattered all over the news, but people talk about the wonderful benefits that fracking brings to America. These people fail to mention what goes on behind the whole process. Hydraulic fracturing may have various consequences, but the major concerns are water contamination, air pollution, and health problems.
The process of fracking involves a number of steps. Oil companies have to drill a hole into the ground thousands of feet under. Once the hole is made, cement is put in to lead the substance that is going to frack the shale rocks in order to extract the oil. The gas or oil company mix sand, water, and toxic chemicals. There are thousands of lethal chemicals that are being used in hydro fracking such as uranium and methanol, and the public is unaware because these companies—legally—do not have to report what they...

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...n fracking can damage the lungs, liver, kidneys, blood, and brain.” (2). If there is evidence showing that these chemicals being used harm people why are these sites still allowed to frack?
Fracking does have its benefits, but its negatives are far greater. Fracking is a good idea because the US would no longer be dependent on foreign oil, but it should only be done when there are no consequences or lives involved in the process. Because if these problems are not corrected, there may be no turning back when it comes to air and water pollution, and lives are at stake. There needs to be some other way to extract oil, and fracking should come to a halt for now. The US government is trying to dig themselves out of debt, but it is causing serious illnesses upon the people that live near fracking sites. Projects like these should not be sacrificing lives for their benefit.

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