Essay about Fracking Causes Water Concerns

Essay about Fracking Causes Water Concerns

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Fracking Causes Water Concerns
Texas is the leading domestic producer of oil and gas (Allen 489), even above the state of Alaska, and is responsible for thirty percent of the nation’s output. Hydro- Fracturing or “fracking” is the latest trend in oil and natural gas recovery. This industry is creating jobs and wealth at on obscene rate and will possibly lead the way for independence from foreign fuel sources (Davis 179-180). Despite the downsides to this industry‘s use of water and toxic chemicals. “Fracking” is a process in which a viscous fluid, mostly water and some toxic chemicals to create the gel like state, is injected at high pressures below the ground in an attempt to fracture shale shelves that overlay the oil and gas reserves. Once the shale is fractured, sand is injected into the shale fracture to hold the rock up while removing the oil and gas (Allen 489, 492). Most of the toxic water created for this process comes back up instantly, but some remains below the surface and is ejected slowly throughout the life of the well. Most of the water used for this process comes from local groundwater sources and cannot be used again for anything other than another “fracking” site. Two to four million gallons of toxic water is created per well (Davis181) from over fifteen thousand wells (this number is expected to rise to 20,000 wells by the end of 2014), just in the state of Texas alone. Another hundred thousand gallons of toxic water is produced daily per well and all this water cannot be treated in the municipal water systems that we have in place already (Easton 39-40). This is where the public has become concerned, because of the lack of oversight, the drought conditions in our great state, and the general concern over wate...

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