Essay on The Fourth Of August And Black Men And Public Space

Essay on The Fourth Of August And Black Men And Public Space

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In both “The Fourth of July” and “Black Men and Public Space” the narrators did one very important thing; they expressed how the encounter made the narrator feel. This is crucial because it almost allows the reader to share the feeling of helplessness that was felt. In “The Fourth of July”, Lorde explained how she truly did not understand why the family was treated differently. She tells of her parents’ fruitless effort to shield their children from the harsh realities of Jim Crow by planning out virtually the whole trip. The highlight of the story is when the narrator expresses both anger and confusion at the fact that her family was denied seated service at an ice cream parlor because they were black.
The narrator of “Black Men and Public Space” takes a similar approach of exemplifying his helplessness. This narrator explained how he understood the stigma associated with his appearance and did his best to circumvent it, but unfortunately some situations rendered him helpless. In the opening paragraph, he describes a woman’s extremely cautious actions when she became aware of his presence one the dark and desolate street. He later explains how the encounter made him feel “surprised, embarrassed, and dismayed all at once” (Staples 191). He goes on to explain how he learned that sometimes this stigma can be made less severe if he did things like whistle classical music. Further exemplifying this helplessness, he includes a situation where a jeweler not only refuses to acknowledge him as a customer, but even retrieves a dog in an attempt to scare him off.
In “The Smell of Childhood Never Fades”, the narrator’s issue is that she did not appreciate the smells of her childhood. When Divakaruni moved to the United States, t...

... middle of paper ...

...eticals to support the hypothesis.
An essay that effectively demonstrates both patterns is “Common Scents: The Smell of Childhood”. Its pattern is exemplification but it also includes narration. The story of the narrator’s son being injured was used as support for her thesis that smells can comfort and give joy. This is an event you can follow chronologically from beginning to end. She also make use of the flashback narration organization method when she reflects on younger experiences with her mother.
Exemplification essays include using clearly signaled examples. Words like “for example” are sometimes used. “The Smell of Childhood” has several obvious examples that do not use “for example”. Paragraphs three through seven are quick, personal-experience examples. Paragraphs one, two, and sixteen combine to form a narrative that serves as an extended example.

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