The Fourteen by Woodrow Wilson Essay

The Fourteen by Woodrow Wilson Essay

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The Fourteen Points were created by Woodrow Wilson, the president of the United States in World War I, and promoted world peace. The points were slit into three groups and covered ways to prevent another war from occurring, boundary changes, and an international organization to address diplomatic crisis. Wilson called World War I the “War to end all wars” and was taking steps to make it so. The Fourteen points, he believed, would be readily accepted among the world powers and would end any further wars. By solving disagreements with civil conversation rather than violence people wouldn’t need o give up their lives.
The first five points covered ways to prevent another war. First was that there should be no secret treaties among other nations. This probably stemmed from the Zimmerman Note, a telegram sent from a German ambassador to Mexico discussing an alliance. If Mexico were to pair up with Germany and attack the U.S. then Germany would back them up and help them recover the three states stolen from them by the U.S. The second point was so that freedom of the seas was maintained ...

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