Essay on The Four Theories Of State Societal Relation

Essay on The Four Theories Of State Societal Relation

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The four theories of state-societal relation (stated above) all have their strengths and weaknesses. However, the most convincing of all four is, in my opinion, Elitism. This is because Elitism offers the most persuasive arguments in which it appears to be the utmost representative of current state-societal relations. This is not to say that other theories (such as Marxism) do not have their merits, because they do. Nonetheless, in my perspective the general ideas portrayed within Elitism hold more credibility than Pluralism, Marxism, and Market Liberalism.
Although Pluralism can be split into normative and explanatory, authors generally tend to mesh the two together. Therefore the broad definition of Pluralism focuses upon a few key features such as; federalism, separation of government branches (judiciary, executive, and legislature), and individual rights. Initially, this theory of state-societal relations appears quite appealing. However, in realistic terms, this system can and has led to ‘a shambles of corruption’ due to the fact it allows for parochialism and sectionalism. In addition, it’s supposed positive of allowing all people to have a voice via interest groups does not take into account a groups resources which in turn allows for it to lobby to a greater extent. Elitism on the contrary dismisses Pluralism as utopian. This is because the society is seen as being influenced by those at the top, with the masses generally ignored. An example of this is the Iraq War whereby over a million protested yet they were simply ignored. All the supposed power of interest groups in representing the public were merely dismissed. The supposed successes of Pluralism as a result can therefore be attributed to the elites within society ...

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...rengths and their weaknesses; some more so than others. However, it is noticeable that Elitism has this less so than others. Nevertheless, criticisms do exist; my view contrasts the view of classical Elitism’s whereby they believe the elites should rule. Instead, the ideas of Hunter and Mills (the radicals) should be given more weight. This is the view that elite theories provide an accurate image of power structures within society but they do not agree with the prelevance of elite rule .
In conclusion, it is impossible to entirely agree with one of the theories. Instead, a combination of the two should be looked upon; the two should be Marxism and Elitism. However, other than a few criticisms, Elitism appears to be the most convincing as it provides a rather accurate perception of the structures within the state and within its subsequent relation to the society.

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