The Four Negative Effects of Society by Alice Martin Essay

The Four Negative Effects of Society by Alice Martin Essay

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Technology: The Biggest, Baddest Monster Under the Bed
As our innovative world is rapidly moving into the future, technology is being invented and innovated at every turn. This technology ranges from top-notch video game systems to microscopic robots made to perform internal surgery. Although these impressive technological improvements were recently made, they are not entirely beneficial because this technology damages our social and learning skills, while also damaging us as humans.
​People across the globe have realized the same thing I did, and many professionals and authors have performed studies and wrote books and articles to prove that technology is robbing us. A particular article that was very interesting and informative is “The Four Negative Effects of Society” by Alice Martin. In this piece, Martin talks about, what she thinks as, the top four negative effects of technology on our society. First, Martin talks about Elevated Exasperation. What she means by Elevated Exasperation is that people have become so attached to today’s modern technology that when they are asked to do something while using their technology, they become frustrated that they have to put their technology to a standstill in order to fulfill that person’s orders. An example of this is a child playing an online video game in which there is no pause option and is asked to take out the trash by his mother. The child is enraged that he will have to put down his controller, even for a minute, and this can cause household problems. Next, Martin mentions the Deteriorated Patience of society. People today want things and they want them quickly because that is the standard. When a webpage is loading slowly or a text fails to send, the user loses patience and be...

... middle of paper ... pieces. Lastly, Hindenach says that using texting as an excuse for being late is unacceptable. If you are meeting somebody at 3:00 and he or she texts you at 2:55 saying they are going to be late, it does not matter whether or not they let you know because either way, you are going to be waiting.
​With all of these great leaps in technology today, it becomes fairly difficult to keep track of and appreciate the smaller and more significant things in life such as family and even being outside, just enjoying life. Today, technology runs the world and there is not much proof to go against that statement. Just because it controls the world, does not mean it has to control you. You are free to make your own choices, whether you spend your days cooped up in your house on your blog that everyone cares so much for or you go out, explore, make friends, and make memories.

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