The Four Major Things That Helped Shape North America Essays

The Four Major Things That Helped Shape North America Essays

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The four major things that helped shape North America
The Europeans would start it all, stepping first on American soil starting colonization.
Pangea was a theory because it seemed as though all the seven continents had once been connected together, but as time went on and the earth changed they drifted apart.
Forces from geological circumstances, with the help of the continental plates, created the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains.
2. Peopling the Americas
The Land Bridge
The Glaciers of North America begin to disappear
There is a theory that states that the Land Bridge came about that connected Asia and North America across the Bering Sea. Some people also state that there was a time you could walk across this bridge at one point or another.
2) The Land Bridge occurred about 35,000 years ago.
3) People begin to emerge
The people that traveled the land bridge spread around the North, Central, and South Americas.
Many tribes emerged with more than 2,000 languages.
Mayas- Yucatan Peninsula
3. The Earliest Americans
The start of corn (maize) about 5,000 B.C. in Mexico which was changed a lot in people 's lives because..
People didn’t have to hunt and gather anymore
It help the rise of towns and cities
Maize arrived in the U.S. around 1,200 B.C.
2) Pueblo Indians
Pueblos were the first American corn growers.
Living in adobe houses which were made of dried mud. They also lived pueblos which are villages of cube shaped adobe houses that are stacked on top of each other.
3) Mound Builders
People who build massive ceremonial and burial mounds are located in the Ohio Valley.
Cahokia could hold 40,000 people
4. Eastern Indians
Eastern Indians grew corn, beans, and squash in the “three sisters’’ farming..
Corn gro...

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...lan- Circumnavigated the globe
Ponce de Leon- Names Florida for the legendary Fountain of Youth
Hernando De Soto- Entered Florida and died there and is buried in the Mississippi River
3) Encomienda system is formed
Indians were given to spanish landlords
9. The Conquest of Mexico
Hernando Cortez- conquered the Aztecs at Tenochtitlan
Cortez went from Cuba to Vera Cruz
Montezuma, thought Cortez might be god of Quetzalcoatl who would re-appear that very year
A new race of people came about called mestizos which is a mix of spanish and Indian blood.
10. The Spread of Spanish America
Spanish society spread through Peru and Mexico
To oppose it, Spain set up forts all over California Coast
Don Juan de Onate conquered the Indians, he also cut the foot off of one so they could be reminded of what could happen
Black Legend- A notion that Spaniards brought only bad things.

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