The Four Major Challenges That Netflix Faces Essay

The Four Major Challenges That Netflix Faces Essay

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1. Briefly describe each of the four major challenges that Netflix faces. Which challenge will be the easiest to address? Why?
The four challenges faced by Netflix are described below.
1) Netflix’s currently does not have a user friendly method for customers to stream videos onto television sets. Netflix is entering agreements with the manufacturers of game systems, blue-ray disc players, and televisions; to include software capable of streaming Netflix videos.
2) There is strong competition with other companies that offer video streaming at no extra charge. Additionally, Netflix and its competitors are attempting to enter the digital world. Digitally offering television shows is an area of competition that has previously been controlled by cable networks.
3) Entering into and producing original programming is a new challenge for Netflix. However, the same television networks that are competing with Netflix enter contract with them to sell them older television shows.
4) Studios that sell content to Netflix are raising their prices which makes it difficult for Netflix to be competitive.
Which of these four challenges will be the most difficult to address? Why?
The first challenge is the most difficult to address. That is because competitors will offer manufactures better deals to include software to for streaming their videos as opposed to Netflix’s videos.
Which challenge will be the easiest to address? Why?
The fourth challenge will be easiest to address. Addressing the issue of pricing will be easy for Netflix because they are in the financial position to barter for excellent pricing. Although, Netflix currently an industry leader timing is crucial so it’s imperative that Netflix act rapidly before the company begins...

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