The Four Main Stages of Business Essay

The Four Main Stages of Business Essay

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A growing business will cycle through four major stages in its development. Evolving from a one-person operation to a multi department company has its challenges and rewards. In this paper, it will be described how each of the four stages a business may pass through will affect it. The four stages of a business life are as follow. In stage one, the business is being created and is operated often with only one person. Stage two, organization growth, structure and employee management can be observed. Stage three, owner’s delegation of certain powers takes place. Finally, stage four, being the creation of a more structured business, which entails the creation of policies and procedures.
In the first phase of the creation of the business, the owner will assume all responsibilities of the business. This many include everything from the production of the good or service to the administrative tasks. Following is Microsoft’s example of its early years: “Gates oversaw the business details, but continued to write code as well. In the first five years, he personally reviewed every line of co...

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