Essay about The Four Learning Goals For This Lab

Essay about The Four Learning Goals For This Lab

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The four learning goals for this lab are:
1. Each student will examine the individual level of the ecological hierarchy.
2. Each student will complete an online survey ( that estimates the impact that his/her lifestyle choices (“ecological footprint”) will have on other organisms.
3. Each student will survey at least 10 other people before deciding how much individual(s) can impact other areas of Ecology.
4. Each student will use the scientific method and at least 3+ scientific resources (cited in-text and using proper MLA in the “Works Cited”) to complete and turn in this laboratory exercise by the class due date.
The purpose of this lab is to complete the four learning goals. The first learning goal is for the students to fully understand their place in the ecological hierarchy and how he or she affects the hierarchy. In order to do this, each student will need to take the online survey found on This survey will inform the student how many earths it would take to support the lifestyle of the student if everyone on earth lived that way. After we observe our own impact on the ecological hierarchy, we need to understand how the people around us impact the hierarchy. This helps us realize how we all work together to impact the earth. Finally, this lab will help us learn how to submit a high quality lab report on time.
I believe my ecological footprint will be three earths because I use so much electricity. I never seem to pay much attention to how often I use a computer, charge my phone, have lights on, and have the television on. Therefore, I feel that having all of those electronics in use will cause my result to be about three earths.
What are ecologi...

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...y and that may be a result of their generation. Also, even though the range for the men is greater, they had the lowest score and the highest score. I believe that this may be because of the differences between men and women no matter how slight. For instance, women have a lot of the same habits as other women; just as men have a lot of the same habits as other men. From this I believe that women had similar scores because our habits are similar, same goes for the men. Overall though, I feel that the class results were fairly similar and informative as to how we impact the ecological footprint for the world and how that affects the ecological hierarchy. We never seem to consider the world around us and I feel that this test helps us to realize that how we live does affect the world around us and that we can make very simple changes to live a little bit greener.

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