Essay about The Four Key Practices of Beaufort County Early College High School

Essay about The Four Key Practices of Beaufort County Early College High School

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Argument of Cause
Although many schools are currently undergoing repetitive failure and reforms, Beaufort County Early College needs not change a thing. If arming students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful post-high school is a measure of success, the Beaufort County Early College High School (BCECHS) is the epitome of success. BCECHS is one that prepares students for college and career, has teachers that care about their students while enriching them, and that encourage their students while enabling them to grow. There are four main practices that show how Beaufort County Early is a great success regarding student achievement and preparedness for the future.
First, BCECHS designs each student’s educational plan with the end (a career) in mind. At one point in time, schools were strictly vocational or career-oriented, but BCECHS has a new spin on an old tried but true educational philosophy and has a handle on how public school education should be delivered. Although there are uniform subjects required for the acquisition of a high school diploma (English, science, math, social studies) the remainder of your courses provide you with an opportunity to explore and pursue your career. From criminal justice to cosmetology to accounting to college transfer this program provides students with the skills and degrees necessary to get started in life. This school abandons the one-size-fits all or most approach for a “new” model. The school offers varied modes of technology and instructional delivery and provides vast, new opportunities to meet the majority of students’ needs. During the instructional day you will find BCECHS students in small high school classes, the school takes pride in not exhibiting a ...

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...oroughly gives students what they need to thrive in the real world – thus creating a successful public school. Although many points made by Chris Mercogliano are valid of the traditional school setting, the early college model (and my high school experience) may be the traditional experience of the future. With this new approach, the United States can pave the way for the future and remain a world intellectual power.

*Short for Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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