The Four Key Behavioral and Social Styles Essay

The Four Key Behavioral and Social Styles Essay

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Misunderstood Behaviors*
The Four Key Behavioral and Social Styles
The key in any relationship is to understand why people
act and react the way they do towards each other. By
understanding behavioral social styles and identifying
which best describe yourself and those around you, you
can create better communication and understanding
between family, friends, co-workers and business
Although creating a productive and cohesive team is the
goal in most business relationships, it is not always the
easiest thing to accomplish. One reason companies send
their management teams for training is so they can
understand the different social behaviors so that they can
help to create a better work environment for co-workers
and their employees. Sales people and business owners
who desire to improve their sales and management skills and earn a better living have learned that the art of
relating could be the difference between making the sale, not loosing a good employee to getting that
promotion; even getting along with your spouse better.
One of the greatest secrets giving you an advantage when dealing with people is the ability to understand why
others respond to the way you respond during conversations. Once you understand the different social styles
you will have a better idea of how to not only successfully get your point across but also increase your chances
of getting a favorable response.
The more you can mirror a person’s social style when delivering your message, the greater the chances that
they will be able to receive it favorably, therefore, respond favorably. Improving your ability to relate with each
person you deal with will increase personal and business success. Wouldn’t it be great if every...

... middle of paper ...

... other
person. This doesn’t mean always giving in, but adjusting your social style as a manner of self-presentation to
help the other person feel more comfortable with you. Once you have allowed yourself to make the other social
styles feel more comfortable the likelihood of having your message accepted is far more likely. When everyone
strives to understand and communicate more effectively with each other, the entire climate will improve and it
is more likely everyone will be happier and more productive.
Always remember, if you want to gain the favor of everyone around you making them feel comfortable and
understood, the power of being relationally versatile will create that environment. If you invest the time to
understand and relate to the people in your life, you can avoid many time consuming conflicts; saving time,
money & relationships in the long run.

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